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Our philosophy is one of education, awareness and personal responsibility.

We strongly believe that our involvement with the environment is an important factor that influences every aspect of life.

All too often in this modern age people are persuaded to distance themselves from the natural world.

WildPath thinks this unnatural state of being is starting to show itself with the abundance of stress related illnesses and other contemporary ills.

Our courses aim to address some of these problems by demonstrating that a modern lifestyle can easily involve elements of bushcraft that help keep a balance between our natural environment and the modern world.

From adding new ways to enjoy a simple walk to more advanced skills that provide a sense of being and confidence in the outdoors.

WildPath also thinks we need to give younger generations an opportunity to become adults and take responsibility for their own actions.

We think that the rites of passage that every young person used to experience, in cultures all over the world, are being lost and as a result they are growing up in the mindset that they are still children.

We feel that our courses already address some of the issues that modern lifestyles create.

In the next few years we anticipate running courses tailored more precisely to deal with the problems of modern day living.