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Monday, 18 June 2012 19:20

Free Bushcraft courses for kids......

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Well it has been finalised booked and now announced, I was approached to run some day long workshops for Devon County Council who run a whole heap of activities for kids right through the summer holidays.

They have confirmed that WildPath will be running three one day workshops at Bideford College's Moreton Park sports fields where there is a small coppice perfectly suited to introducing young explorers to the wilderness.

Each Day will have the capacity for 15 young adventurers to come and have a taster of some of the basic skills that will make for an interesting and much more enjoyable time in the outdoors. Tracking, Den building, fire making and some camp craft thrown in for good measure, I almost forgot to mention the hot chocolate and marshmallow smores!

After such amazing success with similar paid events at Arlington Court I suspect the three days will soon be booked. And all for free.

Booking Hotlines are due to open any day now so keep an eye out.........


Tuesday, 12 June 2012 15:44

Half price bushcraft courses.....

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After a recent email from a client who had previously been on a two day course with me as a part of the National Trust working holiday scheme, I have been considering the best way to offer a course that is a little less focussed on teaching new skills but more about practising and consolidating existing bushcraft. I am also aware that there are many people who have been on introductory courses with myself and other schools that have no where to go and practice their bushcraft or sometimes just have a little like minded company around the campfire of an evening.

It was whilst I was considering a new course or offering a "camping" facility that I realised there was a brilliant compromise that would be perfect....

Sunday, 03 June 2012 21:53

NEW five day bushcraft course

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Something I have been considering for a while now and figured there's only one way to see if it will work. One of the comments I have after the two and three day courses is that they are crammed with workshops and lessons. No bad thing as I am trying to send people away with a varied and comprehensive idea of the fundamental elements of bushcraft.

The five day course is to be structured in a way that gives people time each day to do their own thing. whether it be practising a newly learnt skill or using the opportunity to do their own thing. Previous students have found that they are travelling to North Devon for a bushcraft course and barely get a chance to stop and enjoy the countryside. With an extra three days this should give plenty of time to explore the local wilderness, with a possible chance to venture a little farther away with the possibility of some sea shore foraging or look at natural navigation on the moors.

This year the course will run at Arlington Court, however there is a chance that locations will change so loyal customers get chance to explore new woods and wilderness.

the outline program should run along these lines.....................

Well it seems there is a season for it, when TV celebrities are set free to roam on moorland then refuse to return to the studio. This time it was two entirely different celebs'I suspect James May had had his fill of a hard days hiding on the moor only to be found by a team of trackers. Every credit he did it twice.

This time we were being filmed for an upcoming show. It is all still top secret so names and details have been changed and blurred to protect the not so innocent.

However it was another great days tracking and a good reminder for me of some key points when it comes to tracking man or beast and especially when tracking with others..........

Wednesday, 16 May 2012 18:52

Richard Graves Bushcraft online book

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It wasn't until a year or so ago that I found out one of my treasured books I found in a second hand shop when I was a teen was actually a rare and out of print book that is more of a treasure than I had realised. Now out of print and selling for £45+ on Amazon. Can't say I am too surprised as it is a unique book woth lots more ideas and inspiration than the majority of books that seem to be the same stuff written in pretty much the same way.

 But fear not for I have found a way for all to enjoy Mr. Graves writings......

Thursday, 10 May 2012 16:19

Gransfors Bruks Axes

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Axes are such an important and personal part of bushcraft, indeed it could be argued that a good axe is the ultimate bushcraft and survival tool, for it can be used for pretty much anything from fine carving and game preparation to felling mighty trees all in one handy to carry tool.

Axe selection is a personal thing and is very dependent on your own personal requirements, its worth spending time handling a few different styles and makes before settling on your own. Many a person an a bushcraft course comes with the plan of owning an axe identical to one they have seen used on TV only to find that the practicalities of said same axe make it a little unwieldy or perhaps not as  ergonomic as they want. Car boots often turn up all sorts of gems but there is something quite rewarding about bonding with your very own axe.

My favourites are maybe a little cliched, but I have found that Gransfors Bruks of Sweden make such a comprehensive range of axes that its hard to imagine someone wanting something more than they have to offer. I have bucked the trend a little and use their wildlife hatchet as opposed to the often hailed small forest axe. Mainly because Its a better size for tucking away in a small pack or even wearing on a belt, and for the majority of tasks I will ask of it it about the camp it has the perfect balance and length.

I also love the fact that each axe has been hand made by one craftsman who puts their own unique stamp on the axe to assure you of their workmanship (Mattias mattsson made mine.)

I just stumbled on this awesome little video showing you an axe being made in the workshops well worth a watch if you have a few minutes to spare.....

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